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UDL Math Supports

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UDL Math Supports


Math Concept Beginning Emergent Capable Advanced

Number Concepts and Operations

- Sequence (Count, Read, Order, Integers)

Learn Now



Hundred Square

2-digit labelling


Sequencer Rational and irrational numbers 

- Quantity (Place Value, Estimation)

Learn Now 

Fish Tank 

H-T-U Values 




- Addition and Subtraction Card Shuffle  Workout  Sequencer   
- Multiplication and Division   Grid Work  Quiz Game  Division 
- Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Ratio   Add & Subtract Fractions  Multiply & Divide Fractions  Converting Fractions to Decimals 
Patterns and Relations        
- Repeating and changing patterns

Learn Now 



    Fibonacci Sequence 
- Equal or not equal equations   Learn Now 


- Equations with variables   Bear Balance  Balance   
- Pattern rules (tables, charts)        
Shape and Space - Measurement       Euclidean Geometry 
- linear and perimeter   Types of triangles Circles  Pi 
- area       Polygons 
- volume       Cylinders 
- capacity        
- temperature        
- time Clock  24-hr clock     
- angles   Angles - BP  Angles   
- mass Simple Scale      Gravity and Newton 
3-D Objects & 2-D Shapes        
- describe attributes Learn Now    Polygons   
- comparisons and sorting

Learn Now


- constructions of 2-D shapes Learn Now    Parallel and Perpendicular Lines  Pythagorean theorem 
- constructions of 3-D objects       Polyhedrons  



- Translation, rotation, reflection

- Cartesian plane - plot coordinates     Cartesian Plane  


Statistics and Probability        
Data Analysis        
- Gather, record, organize, discuss data         
- Construct graphs        
- Many-to-one correspondence 10:1        
- Interpret graphs    Mean, mode, median, range  Mean Machine   
Chance and Uncertainty        
- theoretical probability (table or diagram)     Game Theory   
- possible outcomes (percent, ratio, fraction)   Percent  Ratios Dependent and Independent Events  
- experimental probability (testing)     Basic Probability  Compound Events 


Other Helpful Hints:

The Math Teachers' Toolkit 


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