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Scientific Experimentation

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This scientific experimentation unit is intended as an exploration of creative ideas in scientific experimentation and exploration for all ages and all abilities. The Tic-Tac-Toe tables below are divided into Gardner's intelligences and by ability level. This allows teachers and learners to pick and choose from different learning styles and different skill levels.


 Exploration of Scientific Experimentation




Emergent Capable Advanced


- What questions do you ask about your world and how things work?




Creativity Pool


- When you have questions, who do you ask?
- Do you try to solve problems with others?



Bill Nye the Science Guy

41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments

Ask an expert

Collaborative Projects


- Are you a hands-on explorer?

- What materials do you like to work with?


Kidzworld Science Fair Examples

- Crystal Gardens

Science Fair Projects

Youth Science Foundation

Language (Spoken)

- Do you enjoy listening to science shows?

- Do you enjoy presenting your ideas to an audience?

Learn Now BC!

Learn Now BC!


Language (Written)

- Do you enjoy writing your ideas and showing how you got there?

  Ideas for Projects

Ideas for Projects

Inventions or Investigations

School Science Lessons

Cool Science Projects

Ideas for Projects


- Do you like working with and analyzing data (charts, graphs, tables)?


Science Fair Project Steps

Real-Time Data Projects

Primary Source Projects



- Do you enjoy exploring your ideas through sound and rhythm?

- How are sounds produced? How do they vary?


Engineering Project: Musical Plates



- Do you enjoy exploring your ideas in the natural world?

- Do you enjoy plants and animals?


Science Made Simple



- Do you enjoy shapes and patterns?

- How would you create a science display?




    Winning Display Boards

Iron Science Competition

Cells Alive


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