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Poetry Series:

Poetry for Young People. (2000). Edgar Allan Poe. Scholastic.

Poetry for Young People.(2000). Robert Frost. Scholastic.

Franco, Betsy & Friends. (2001). Thematic Poetry: Transportation. Scholastic Professional Books.

More than 30 perfect poems with instant activities to enrich your lessons, build literacy, and celebrate the joy of poetry.


Poetry Books:

Carle, Eric. (1989). Eric Carle's Animals Animals. Scholastic.

Locker, Thomas. Water Dance.  

Service, Robert W. and Harrison, Ted. (1986). The Cremation of Sam McGee. Toronto: Kids Can Press.

Stuart Clark, Harrison. (1991). A Year Full of Poems. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Support Books for Writing Poetry

Cobern Beyer, Ernestine. (1987). Poetry with a purpose. Edited by Frances Fisher Allen and Barbara Beyer Malley. Carthage, IL: Good Apple.

A Good Apple Activity Book for grades 4-7: Develop reading comprehension and enrich vocabulary.

Janeczko, Paul B. (1998). Favorite Poetry Lessons. Scholastic.

A poet's great activities for writing free verse, rhyming list poems, synonym poems, clerihews, wish poems, letter poems, persona poems and more! 

Janeczko, Paul B. (2000). Teaching 10 Fabulous Forms of Poetry. Scholastic.

Great lessons, brainstorming sheets, and organizers for writing haiku, limericks, cinquains, and other kinds of poetry kids love. 

Janeczko, Paul B. (2001). Writing Funny Bone Poems. Scholastic.

Easy lessons and models by favorite poets that teach kids to write funny free verse, rollicking riddle poems, laugh-out-loud limericks, and more.

Smrke, Connie. Poems and Rhymes and Things to Do.

Primary activities with poetry.




What Makes the Wind.

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