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Page history last edited by Karina Younk 14 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to Fairview Community School's UDL Wiki!


This is the beginning of our school's exploration of UDL principles (Universal Design for Learning). Come explore with us as we work to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Our goal? How can we get kids to be excited about learning and show us what they know? 


New Projects:

- Poetry Unit

- UDL Math Supports

- Physical Education Supports

- Social Studies Supports


As we discover great programs and resources, we are posting them to our school website. Check out our findings at Fairview Community School. Two primary information sources guide our explorations:

Special Education Technology BC (SET-BC) is our provincial information source for supporting students with special needs; the Center for Applied Technology (CAST) at Harvard has been a leader and founder of UDL principles in education. 


To describe strategies that support different learning styles and challenges, we often turn to Mel Levine's All Kinds of Minds (especially the Learning Base or we look at the research articles at LDOnline a leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD.


We are currently working on three projects: a UDL poetry unit, quick access to UDL math supports on the Internet, and a UDL science unit with hyperlinks to each of Gardner's multiple intelligences (seen on the pages in the sidebar) and also with a focus on:

multiple means of representation (access to information),

multiple means of engagement,

and multiple means of expression of understandings. 


Free help:

1. Learn how to use PBwiki: The PBwiki Manual

2. If you prefer video, watch a recording of our popular webinar, PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.

3. Need more help? Sign up for a Free introductory webinar




Comments (2)

AM said

at 1:21 pm on Apr 9, 2009

Karina - The Poetry Unit (directly under Poetry Unit) does not link up correctly. Don't know if you want me to correct things or leave them for you as I am just starting to explore and not sure exactly what page it is to link up to. AM

AM said

at 1:27 pm on Apr 9, 2009

Actually, just had a look and only the UDL math supports at both places link up to pages the rest link up to the list which for someone just looking at it is frustrating because they might not want to look at all the pages. I know that we are not finished and I will fix it when I figure out and talk to you about where we are actually linking these to. I am still exploring to try to see the patterns and pages. Talk to you on Tuesday. I am doing OK and thanks for you support yesterday. AM

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